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Things To Do In Santa Cruz

10 Things To Do In Santa Cruz, Ca In 2024

Santa Cruz, situated along the stunning Northern California coastline, is a charming town that combines a relaxed atmosphere with an array of attractions for all. ...
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chashu pork

Chashu Pork For Ramen: The Ultimate Guide

The Beloved Ramen Topping Chashu pork is a classic Japanese dish that has become a beloved topping for ramen. Originating from a Chinese cooking style, ...
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Best Noodles for Ramen – Top Picks, Types & Recipe

To create the perfect homemade ramen, selecting the right noodles is paramount. The ideal noodles enhance the broth’s flavor and retain their texture, ensuring a ...
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What Is Tare in Ramen

Unlocking the Secret: What Is Tare in Ramen?

Have you ever wondered what gives ramen its irresistible depth and savoriness? The answer lies in an essential component known as tare (pronounced ‘ta-reh’). Tare ...
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Are Hawaiian Poke Bowls Healthy

Healthy Eating: Are Hawaiian Poke Bowls Healthy?

The quest for healthy dining options brings many to wonder: are Hawaiian poke bowls healthy? At their core, Yes, Hawaiian poke bowls are an incredibly ...
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Why Are They Called Ramen Noodles

Ramen Ingredients: Why Are They’re Called Ramen Noodles?

Not so long ago, on the bustling streets of Tokyo, a small noodle shop opened its shutters to welcome the torrent of hungry office workers ...
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Does ramen usually have egg in it

Ramen Ingredients: Does Ramen Usually Have Eggs?

When you imagine bowl of ramen, what is one of the first things that probably comes to mind? Is it a humble egg nestled among ...
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Why Is Ramen So Popular in the world

Discover the Fascination: Why Is Ramen So Popular?

In my years in the food industry, I’ve seen ramen go from niche to necessity in cities worldwide. So, why is ramen so popular? It’s ...
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