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A Few Words About Kaizen Kitchen

Kaizen Kitchen is inspired by the essence of continuous improvement and the bounty of the sea, our Kitchen is not just a restaurant; it’s a philosophy. Born from the fusion of traditional Japanese culinary art and the vibrant, health-conscious spirit of Hawaii, we are committed to offering honest, flavorful food. Our menu is a testament to innovation, featuring high-quality ramen and poke bowls that honor the past while embracing the future. Every dish is carefully crafted to bring you a taste experience that is both enriching and deeply satisfying, connecting you to a journey of culinary excellence and cultural fusion. Join us at Kaizen Kitchen, where every bite is a step towards perfection.

What Does Kaizen Mean?


Kai (改)

This character can mean “change” or “modification” in Japanese. It signifies the act or process of making something different, usually in a way that leads to improvement. It’s about the action and effort put into altering something to achieve a better state.

Zen (善)

Zen can mean “good,” “virtuous,” “to rectify,” or “to improve” in Japanese. It’s often associated with goodness and quality. In a broader context, especially when considering its ties to Zen Buddhism, it also encompasses a state of calmness, simplicity, and mindfulness, focusing on the present moment and finding balance.

Kaizen (改善)

Kaizen Kitchen embraces the principle of kaizen, merging “Kai” (change) and “Zen” (good) to signify our commitment to continuous improvement in our cuisine and operations. This philosophy is at the heart of our approach, driving us to make small, yet impactful, enhancements in our food, particularly through the use of high-quality, plant-based ingredients in our ramen broths. This method reflects our dedication to elevating dining experiences, prioritizing sustainability, and adapting to our patrons’ evolving preferences for healthier, more sustainable meal options.



In Hawaiian culture, “Kai” symbolizes the sea, reflecting its integral role in lifestyle, history, and spirituality, being a source of sustenance, travel, and exploration. At Kaizen Kitchen, our poke bowls draw inspiration from this, with “Kaizen” suggesting not just the sea’s abundance but its continuous motion and renewal. This connection emphasizes the freshness and richness we aim to bring to every dish, marrying the essence of the ocean with our philosophy of constant improvement.

Kaizen Kitchen Ramen

Soy Sauce & Umami Broth

Signature Shoyu Blend, Vegetable Umami Broth, Grilled Pork, Onion, Bamboo Shoots, Seasoned Egg with Ramen Noodles

Alaea Salt Sauce & Umami Broth

Hawaiian Alaea Red Sea Salt Broth, Vegetable Umami Broth, Grilled Pork, Bamboo Shoots, Seasoned Egg with Ramen Noodles

Spicy Miso Sauce & Umami Broth

Sesame Paste, Spicy Miso, Vegetable Umami Broth, Green Onion, Bamboo Shoots, Seasoned Egg, with Ramen Noodles

Miso, Umami Broth & Tofu

Vegetable Umami Broth, Sesame Paste, Miso, Tofu, Green Onion, Grilled Corn, Sauteed Shitaki Mushroom

Kaizen Kitchen Ramen Bowl

Grab A Bowl, Try Us Out

Hawaiian teriyaki chicken bowl

Kaizen Kitchen Rice Bowls

Our Customers Fall In Love With Kaizen Kitchen Santa Cruz

"I was genuinely surprised by the hearty and flavorful depth of Kaizen Kitchen’s ramen broth. It’s rich, comforting, and packed with umami, proving that great ramen doesn't rely solely on meat for its fantastic flavors. It's exceptional food, period."

Randy Morgan

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Grab A Bowl, Try Us Out

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